The challenges of access, resources, and meeting the needs of thousands of children living in foster care contribute to our mission. We will address areas that are intended to impact not just the statistics below, but the individual lives of each family we interact with now and in the future.

Some Stats

Children enter the foster care system because of risks to their welfare.  These children may be experiencing issues of neglect, abuse, trauma, addiction, or even extreme poverty, among other issues. 

In 2017, approximately 442,995 children were in foster care in the United States1

It is estimated that adoption in Texas can cost $35,000- $50,0002.  Families know children need homes and want to provide a loving and stable environment, but the cost may prohibit a family from being able to do so. 

50% spend less than a year in foster care, 40% spend 1-3 years in foster care, and the remaining 10% will be in foster care for 3+ years1

Approximately 50% of children who cannot return home are adopted, most often by a relative or foster family1

20,000 children/yr age out of the foster care system- they turn 18 and have no family, no home, & no support system to begin their life as an adult1

These individuals are more likely to become jobless, homeless, and incarcerated than their adopted counterparts.

Friends of Finn will direct our concentrated efforts on the critical issue of access to foster/adoption resources and support in order to give as many children as possible the gift of a forever home. 

1 Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2019.
2 The Adoption Network, 2020.

Let’s overcome these challenges together.

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